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Clinical Neuropsychology & Forensic Psychology

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Some families may have a child struggling in school and wonder if this is due to abnormalities in development (e.g., attention, processing speed, learning, Autism). A comprehensive evaluation can provide clarity on these issues, facilitate subsequent treatment planning, and provide a perspective independent of school districts, colleges, and universities.

As individuals age, some experience drops in functioning not commensurate with normal aging. They may wish to obtain an evaluation to see how their level of functioning compares to peers, monitor functioning over time, and learn what adaptations may need to be implemented to ensure safety (re: independence, driving, power of attorney, disability).


Dr. Rehmel has extensive training in various forms of forensic assessments, including but not limited to, risk assessments, disability assessments, competency to stand trial, pre-employment evaluations for police and corrections officers and other departmental positions, neuropsychological assessments for children and adults currently detained. Of note, Dr. Rehmel utilizes the Meyers Neuropsychological System (MNS) which meets the Daubert Standards for admissibility as evidence in court proceedings.

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