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Resources: Video

Interesting Reading

- Feinstein, R. (2021). Personality Disorders.

- Damasio, A. (2021). Feeling & Knowing: Making Minds Conscious.

- Cialdini, R. (2021). Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

- Yalom, I., & Leszcz, M. (2020). The Theory & Practice of Group Psychotherapy.

- Wood, Z. (2018). Uncensored.

- Greger, M. (2015). How Not to Die.

- Gottman, J., & Silver, A. (2015). The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.

- Gabbard, G. (2014). Psychodynamic Psychiatry.

- Schore, A. (2012). The Science of the Art of Psychotherapy.

- Styron, W. (2010). Darkness Visible.

- Nelson, J. (2009). Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality.

- Jamison, K. (2009). An Unquiet Mind.

- Grandin, T. (2008). Thinking in Pictures.

- McWilliams, N. (2004). Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

- Cushman, P. (1996). Constructing the Self, Constructing America.

Linking Helpful Resources

- Neuropsychology of Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum:

- PsychScan is an easy to use tool for quickly assessing symptoms related to a variety of psychiatric diagnoses and can be added to any mental health practice:

- Aspergers Experts provide information regarding issues relevant to Autism Spectrum Disorder from lived experience:

- Alzheimer's Association provides information and resources for living with neurocognitive disorders:

- CHADD provides resources and information related to ADHD:

- Programs designed for the treatment of substance use disorders:


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